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Benefits of Press Fitting vs. Brazing for Pipe-Joining

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Pipe connections are integral to the optimal function of plumbing systems. Traditionally, brazing, welding, and soldering are popular techniques for pipe connection projects, but these skills cost extra time, money, and hours of training while presenting safety concerns.
To make pipe connections easier and more affordable to install, the industry is rapidly adopting a newer technique known as press fitting, a mechanical pipe joining system. Learn more about the benefits of press fittings for pipe connections compared to brazing and other traditional techniques.

Press Fitting vs. Brazing/Soldering for Joining Pipework

Brazing is a pipework technique that uses a molten filler material known as brazing filler to join two pieces of metal. First, the brazer cuts, cleans, and prepares a pipe and a fitting. Then, using a torch, the brazer heats the pipe and fitting to a very high temperature. Once the pipe is sufficiently hot, the brazer adds filler metal to the joint, filling any gaps and forming a solid bond when it cools. Proper training and safety precautions are essential when brazing pipes, as it involves working with open flames and high temperatures.

Press fitting, on the other hand, is a mechanical assembly technique used to join two or more parts together without the need for welding or additional fasteners like screws, bolts, or adhesives. Plumbing press fitting involves the insertion of a pipe into a fitting, which is subsequently sealed by pressing the pipe and fitting socket together using the electric jaws of a press-fitting tool. In addition to making it easier for workers without specialized training to join two lengths of pipe, press fitting delivers enhanced efficiency, safety, and flexibility for most pipe-joining applications.

Why Use Press Pipe Fittings/Valves for Your Plumbing Application?

The following are some of the benefits of press fittings in plumbing applications:

  • Saved time and money: With press fittings, little skill is required, and connections can be made in less time than it takes to weld or solder pipes. This makes press fitting an excellent time- and cost-saving solution, especially when handling large-scale pipe systems. 
  • Faster than brazing: While there are certain applications still well-suited to brazing, press fitting offers a significant advantage in terms of speed, completing tasks three times faster than brazing. This efficiency allows workers to minimize their on-site time commitments.
  • Lower labor costs: Press fitting tools streamline the process of connecting pipes and constructing systems, resulting in reduced labor requirements and, consequently, lowered project expenses. More projects can be completed within the same timeframe.
  • Pipe material compatibility: You can use press fitting with carbon steel, copper, or stainless steel piping. Compatibility with these materials makes press fittings suitable for various applications, such as handling gases, corrosive substances, petroleum products, steam, and potable water. 
  • Enhanced jobsite safety: Compared to brazing, press fitting is safer since it eliminates the need for brazing torches, reducing the risk of fire and burn injuries. This is particularly beneficial in areas with limited ventilation or when working in confined spaces like cabinets, beneath floorboards, or wall cavities.
  • Secure connections: Press fitting tools are consistently strong and secure. As long as the pipe is prepared in accordance with the manufacturer’s press tool system instructions, press fitting connections will exhibit strength comparable to a soldered or welded joint.
  • Improved accuracy: One of the distinct advantages of press fitting is that it significantly enhances job accuracy, reducing the potential for human error. Human errors are usually a concern in welding, brazing, and soldering, potentially leading to incomplete or inaccurate pipe connections.
  • Streamlined repairs and maintenance: Utilizing a press fitting tool for pipe system repair and maintenance enhances the efficiency of the process. Press fitting can still be done even if the piping system is wet, so repairs can be done without shutting down the entire system.

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