At RED-WHITE VALVE CORP., we have over 50 years of experience providing a wide range of valve solutions, including PP-R valves. Using superior materials, we manufacture all of our PP-R valves in-house to deliver the highest quality products. As a trusted and reliable valve distributor, we can work with you to understand your application and deliver the best PP-R valve solution for your needs.

PP-R Valves Manufactured by RED-WHITE VALVE CORP.

RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. manufactures and supplies several PP-R valve solutions to meet various needs. Our PP-R valve offerings include:

What Are PP-R Valves?

PP-R valves are most often used to control, regulate, or direct fluid flow within a system or process. Serving as a mechanical switch, PP-R valves allow you to start or stop the flow of fluid or control the amount of liquid/gas flowing through a pipe. Each PP-R valve features distinguishing structures and characteristics that define its ideal usage; therefore, it’s important to work with an expert valve provider to ensure you get the right PP-R valve for your needs.

As their name implies, PP-R valves are constructed with polypropylene random copolymer plastic (PP-R). This material offers a wide range of benefits that make PP-R valves suitable for various applications:

  • Neutral to the presence of bacteria, making it ideal for drinking water applications
  • Impressive sound insulation
  • Lightweight for easy transportation and installation
  • High temperature and pressure resilience
  • Long service life
  • Durability
  • Minimal friction
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance

Applications of PP-R Valves

PP-R valves come in several varieties, each suitable for a certain use. Common applications of PP-R valves include:

  • Hot and cold water delivery for industrial and civic applications, including business buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, shipbuilding, and homes
  • Applications within the chemical industry
  • Compressed air installations
  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Greenhouse and garden irrigation systems
  • Pipelines for rainwater harvesting
  • Sporting and public amenities like stadiums and swimming pools

Trust RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. as Your PP-R Valve Supplier

RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. offers several PP-R valves for regulating, controlling, and directing flow in gas and liquid piping systems. We maintain warehouses throughout North America and work closely with industry experts throughout non-stocking and stocking distributors, allowing for unsurpassed fill rates to our wholesaler family.

Our premium quality valves rely on patented technology, and we depend on fully automated machinery to reduce costs, lower production time, maintain high-quality control standards, and increase safety. Our precision machining improves efficiency, provides fast assembly times, and decreases waste. We also provide quality control, including state-of-the-art line detection processes and 100% air testing to maintain high industry standard ratings on our products.

To learn more about our PP-R valves, or for help determining the right PP-R valve solution for your application, contact us today.