Differential pressure manometer

What is a Differential Pressure Manometer?

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As the name might suggest, a differential pressure manometer measures the difference in pressure between two readings. These devices help operators and technicians assess the functionality of industrial equipment or HVAC systems. For example, a technician can measure the pressure on either side of an air filter and use the difference to determine if the […]

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How Does an Electric Valve Actuator Work?

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Electric valve actuators control the opening and closing of valves. They can provide either linear or rotary motion and work with different types of valves, including ball and butterfly valves. Electric valve actuators respond to prompts through remote control or centralized process control systems, which make them invaluable for managing systems that are hard to […]

Wafer vs. Lug-Style Butterfly Valves

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A butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that controls the flow of a product in a pipeline. From pharmaceuticals to manufacturing and food processing, the valve has a variety of applications and can be used to limit solid, liquid, or gas material flow. Butterfly valves are usually grouped into two types: lug-style and […]