PEX ball valves are key components in many commercial and industrial fluid systems. They allow for precise fluid flow management in piping system applications for diverse industries. Providing optimal valve performance, EVERLOC+® connections remove typical roadblocks for a smooth installation process. The EVERLOC+® design enables you to quickly and securely make consistent connections, regardless of the weather, with the added advantageous capability of immediate pressure testing.

EVERLOC+® PEX ball valves are the proprietary design of REHAU. These PEX compression-sleeve fitting systems use lead-free brass and polymer fittings to simplify installation and drastically reduce the risk of leaks and corrosion over time. Affordable EVERLOC+® products are safe for use on potable water systems, and the combination of PEX valves and the EVERLOC+® patent-pending design ensures optimal fluid control and durability for your customers. RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. (RWV) is the only U.S. company with permission to produce these REHAU valves with this particular geometry.

What Are PEX Ball Valves?

Ball valves are a type of quarter-turn shut-off valve, and they manage fluid flow using a rotating ball that contains an opening, or a bore. Through a valve’s efficient, simplistic design, a handle rotates the ball seated within the valve on its axis, obstructing flow or allowing fluid to pass through the bore and exit through the valve’s outlet. Ball valves can control flow for a wide variety of liquid and gas fluids, making them a popular choice for heating and plumbing systems.

For ball valves used in conjunction with PEX material, or cross-linked polyethylene, brass makes up the valve body and the ball. Brass is valued for its corrosion-resistance properties. It has a lower lead content than materials like bronze and better heat resistance than many plastics, making brass ideal for potable water and plumbing applications, respectively. 

A PEX ball valve’s connection geometry allows you to connect it to PEX piping. Compared to materials like copper or PVC, PEX offers long-lasting strength and reliability. The plastic is durable, withstands corrosion, and is relatively inert, meaning it won’t react to most common liquids used in plumbing or heating systems. These characteristics are particularly important when piping systems are carrying potable water. Pressure and thermal resistance capabilities are two other advantages of this particular plastic, as pipes need to withstand high internal pressures as well as carry high-temperature fluids within a system. PEX ball valves make use of the material strengths of both brass and PEX for optimal functionality. 

Industry Applications

Because of their reliable performance and resistance to damage, EVERLOC+® PEX ball valves are a preferred option for fluid control systems across multiple industries. Some of the most common industrial applications are:

  • Water management and irrigation systems. PEX ball valves can manage water flow to multiple areas within a system or property. This is particularly useful in irrigation applications, such as those for the agricultural sector, for more targeted watering.
  • Heating systems.> Heating systems rely on the flow of fluid through a closed pipe system. PEX ball valves can control the movement of hot or cold water for effective heating and cooling.
  • Plumbing systems. Residential, commercial, and industrial buildings all rely on durable plumbing systems with little risk of leaks or service interruptions. Ball valves are simple, reliable parts that can control both hot and cold water flow in these piping systems.

Virtually any fluid control system that needs to intermittently halt, slow, or allow full fluid flow can benefit from EVERLOC+® ball valves. PEX ball valves are the preferred solution for many applications because of their versatility across a wide range of systems, ease of use, and long-lasting durability.

EVERLOC+® PEX Ball Valves From RWV

To optimize your fluid control systems, consider REHAU EVERLOC+® PEX ball valves from RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. RWV has specialized in providing innovative, high-performance valve solutions for the HVAC, plumbing, industrial, and commercial markets since 1971. We offer ISO-certified product design, precision manufacturing, and testing for enhanced quality control.

Along with an extensive product line, we strive to provide competitive pricing, rapid order fulfillment rates through automation, and superior customer support to best serve you. Request a quote today from our expert team to get started.