RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. has been supplying customers in the plumbing, HVAC, commercial, and industrial markets across the world with high-quality valves for over 50 years. Our knowledgeable industry experts oversee production on our gate, globe, and check valves from the initial material selection through to rigorous product testing. Learn more about these three valve types, what they do, and the varieties we have to offer.

What Is a Gate Valve?

A gate valve is a type of valve that either lets media pass freely through an unobstructed pipe or fully shuts off the fluid flow, which is advantageous for enabling minimal pressure loss. A manual gate valve is often the more economical choice than either a pneumatic or an electric automated actuator, given gate valves’ infrequent operation.

Rotating more slowly than the quarter-turn variety, you should use gate valves in fully open or closed positions rather than to manage flow rates. In comparison to butterfly valves, a gate valve’s open bore allows for a pipeline inspection gauge, or pig, passage for effective cleaning processes.

At RED-WHITE VALVE CORP., we offer various types of the following:

  • Brass gate valves
  • Bronze gate valves
  • Iron gate valves

What Is a Globe Valve?

A globe valve consists of two sections divided by an opening. Within this space, a movable disc screws in and out, opening and closing the valve. The plug, ball, or composition disc raises up or rests against the seat, which is typically screwed within the body of the valve in plane parallel or at an incline as compared to the flow line. These valves also utilize a moving, adjustable stem, which is responsible for controlling and managing media flow inside a valve and, by extension, a pipe system.

The three primary designs for a globe valve’s body are angle, tee, and wye, and RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. provides numerous options for:

  • Bronze globe valves
  • Bronze angle globe valves
  • Iron globe valves
  • Stainless steel globe valves

What Is a Check Valve?

A check valve only allows materials like gas and liquid to flow in one direction, opening as fluid flows forward and then closing off. As such, this unique valve type is useful for safeguarding a piping system’s mechanical equipment against flow direction reversal.

Also called one-way valves or non-return valves (NRVs), they are automatic and don’t need an operator or a mechanism like a handle for external control. Instead, fluid flow and variations in pressure between the outlet and inlet ports are what power these valves.

We offer an extensive selection of:

  • Brass in-line check valves
  • Brass swing check valves
  • Bronze swing check valves
  • Iron swing check valves
  • Dual-plate iron check valves
  • Stainless steel check valves

Reliable Valves From RED-WHITE VALVE CORP.

Since 1971, RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. has supported wholesalers and distributors through innovative technology in our lead-free, hydronics, standard, or commercial and industrial valves. Our versatile valves provide peace of mind. Maintaining ISO 9001 certification ensures ultimate quality control for in-house design, manufacturing, and testing on all our products. In addition to our world-class service and commitment to precision machining, we also offer competitive pricing, fully automated equipment to decrease production time frames, and industry-leading fill rates, which we achieve by maintaining warehouses across North America.

Partner with us to see the RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. difference: innovation, patented technology, and uncompromising quality to meet all your valve needs. Contact us for more information about gate, globe, and check valves, or any of our other expansive valve options, today.