Gate valves and globe valves both serve important roles in applications that require control of liquid and media passing through industrial systems. As the most common valves used in industrial plants, they are often used in the same applications and are very similar in appearance, but they have different functionalities. 

It is important to understand these differences when deciding what valve type to use in your application. This article discusses the differences between and the purposes of each type of valve.

Globe Valves

At a glance, it is easy to understand why globe valves were named as such. Traditional globe valves closely resemble a globe. Belonging to the linear motion valve family, globe valves are primarily intended to start, stop, and regulate the flow of media. Most globe valves have a top-entry design, meaning you have to access the valve’s internal components from the top.

211B Bronze Globe Valve

Globe valves provide a tight, efficient seal to limit the risk of leakage. They are suitable throttling valves because their seats are parallel to the media flow, preventing erosion of the seat when the valve is on. Globe valves experience high-pressure drops and are more resistant to media flow when the valve is turned on.

Applications that encounter high temperatures, high pressures, or highly viscous media call for globe valves. They are appropriate for applications that require a safe, leak-proof solution that resists corrosion. Due to their capabilities, globe valves are more costly than gate valves but are a worthwhile expense in certain applications.

Gate Valves

206AB LF Brass Gate Valve

As part of the shutoff valve family, these linear valves feature a wedge-shaped gate and a rising or non-rising stem to indicate when the valve is open or closed. The primary function of gate valves is to isolate media by providing a tight seal to stop the flow. Unlike globe valves, they don’t regulate the flow of media, but they can accommodate any flow direction.

Gate valves are ideal for applications that require tight sealing. Knife valves, a unique variety of gate valves, are suitable for viscous media. Gate valves are useful in wide variety of above- and below-ground applications and are suitable for all kinds of fluids, including gas and water.

Differences: Globe Valves vs. Gate Valves

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Globe Valves and Gate Valves

While they appear similar in design and can be used in similar ways, these two valves differ in functionality, structure, sealing capabilities, and application.

Some of the most distinct differences between globe valves and gate valves include the following:

  • Performance/Functionality: Globe valves are control valves, meaning they can start, stop, and regulate media, giving the operator full control media flow. The primary function of gate valves is to isolate media. Its design does not cater to flow control.
  • Structure: Globe valves and gate valves differ significantly in terms of structure. Globe valves tend to have a complicated structure with most of their components housed internally. Their design allows for a change in flow direction and obstruction, which promotes its throttling function. On the other hand, gate valves have a more simplistic structure. Their components are found on the upper part of the valve body, so they become hollow when the valve is open. Gate valves also have a non-rising or rising stem.
  • Sealing surfaces: Globe valves provide a superior seal to gate valves due to its internal valve core, which effectively seals globe valves. Gate valves only seal on the surface of the valve disc, creating a weaker seal.
  • Application: Because globe valves experience such drastic pressure changes, they are ideal for application that are unaffected by pressure drops. Gate valves are multidirectional, and they are suitable for applications that are more sensitive to drops in pressure.

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