Since 1971, RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. has been a trusted manufacturer of valves for the plumbing, and commercial and industrial HVAC industries. We are committed to in-house design and manufacturing of all our products with fully automated, precision machinery. Our lead-free valves are third-party certified to ensure they meet stringent quality and health standards.

The 5094AB Lead Free Brass Full Port Relief Ball Valve Thermal Expansion Device is made with lead-free brass, full port ball, adjustable packing gland, and a relief valve port.

What Are Thermal Expansion Relief Valves?

Thermal expansion causes pressure to increase in a hot water tank. If that pressure is not relieved, the tank could be severely damaged or even explode. In traditional systems, the pressure is relieved by displacing some of the water into a separate expansion tank.

Another option is a thermal expansion relief valve (TERV). It is a specialized safety valve that relieves the high pressure by discharging water through an outlet line directly into a drain or water heater pan. TERV technology eliminates the expense and space needed for a secondary tank and is easier to install and maintain.

5094AB: Brass Thermal Expansion Relief Ball Valve Features

The 5094AB Lead Free Brass Full Port Relief Ball Valve Thermal Expansion Device is designed and manufactured in-house by RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. Product details include:

  • Materials: lead-free brass body and components per ASTM B927 standard
  • Size: 3⁄4”
  • Pressure rating: 600# WOG
  • End Connections: FNPT x FNPT threaded per ASME B1.20.1-NPT standard
  • Ball and seats: Chrome plated brass ball, PTFE seats
  • Stem, packing nut, and packing: Lead free brass stem, brass packing nut, PTFE packing
  • Adjustable packing
  • Blow-out proof stem design
  • Barbed outlet for drain routing per PEX F-1807 standard


The 5094AB model is designed for these and other applications:

  • Thermal expansion control in potable water systems
  • Commercial plumbing and hot water systems
  • Residential plumbing and hot water systems


The 5094AB is easy to install and built to last from durable brass, requiring minimal maintenance. The adjustable packing gland design allows you to adjust the brass nut tightness as necessary for a secure, leak-free seal.

Compliance Information

In addition to our in-house quality assurance standards, the 5094AB Lead Free Brass Full Port Relief Ball Valve Thermal Expansion Device meets these requirements:

  • AB1953 and NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certified
  • Meets lead-free requirements of Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Complies with Buy American Act (BAA)

Your Choice for Thermal Expansion Relief Valves

RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. offers a comprehensive selection of valves for use in commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing and HVAC applications, including:

At RED-WHITE VALVE CORP., we are the manufacturer. All of our valves are made in our own facilities with fully automated, precision machinery, and we promise you the highest quality and safety in every product. For more information about our 5094AB Lead Free Brass Full Port Relief Ball Valve Thermal Expansion Device, request a quote today.