Flanges are an essential component of many piping and pumping systems, such as those in plumbing, automotive, oil and gas, and other pressurized systems. Many flange attachments come with built-in ball valves that can be shut off to isolate the pump. Once the pump is disconnected, it can be replaced without losing water or system pressure. Learn more about pump flanges, including their benefits and applications.

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What Are Pump Flanges

What Is a Flange?

The basic definition of a flange is a flat extension that provides a stronger connection between attached parts. For pipes and pump applications, flanges are collar-like extensions that can be easily installed, along with a gasket, for a reliable, sturdy connection. Pump flange valves help connect pumps to a larger system. When the valves are closed, isolating the process flow, the pump can be replaced or otherwise serviced without completely draining the system. Some pump flange valves, such as our 2412 Brass Pump Flange Ball Valves, include a purge/drain valve that can be used to fill or drain the system as needed.

Benefits of Flanges

Flanges are a useful aid to piping and plumbing applications where they can replace traditional connections, making maintenance easier and systems more reliable. Some advantages of using flanges include:

  • Improved Access: Flange connections can be much easier to install in tight spaces where traditional fittings or adapters would be hard to use. They also typically require less torque to tighten properly than other connection methods. Flanges also help eliminate the need for adapters in the tube, pipe, or hose line.
  • Easy Maintenance: Flanged valves also simplify maintenance, cleaning, and inspections, especially in rigid systems of continuous or metal piping. Flanges allow a pump or section of piping to be easily dismantled without needing to drain the system.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Due to their ability to distribute the pressure around a connection, flanges are ideally suited to creating solid, resilient connections that are less likely to be compromised or loosened by shock, vibration, or high pressure.

Applications of Flanges

As a result of these strengths, pumping flanges are commonly used in applications for many industries, including:

  • Plumbing – Linked with bolts, flanged ends provide highly secure connections in high-pressure piping systems for plumbing applications.
  • Hydronics – Pumps with flange connections are used to pump media through the hydronic loops.
  • Petroleum – The oil and gas industry installs numerous flanges in vessels and piping systems to enable them to withstand temperature fluctuations and high stress.


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